Original Equipment Loadout

Marines accumulate equipment over time, especially in combat, because you never know when you'll need something.  However, every character starts out fresh from boot camp with some standard issue gear and receives a little bit more when they arrive at a new command.  Below is a list of general issued equipment to each character as they are assigned to a combat-ready unit.

  1. BDU fatigues (standard woodland camoflague)
  2. Helmet
  3. IMP (Individual Marine Pack)
  4. Shelter half (two combined creates a two-man tent)
  5. Gas mask
  6. Sleeping bag
  7. Flashlight (attaches to body armor)
  8. Personal medical kit
  9. Thermal fatigues (provides moderate heat regulation)
  10. Standard body armor (includes equipment belt)

Standard weapons are also issued to combat units, with each person having a suitable weapon for their primary MOS.  However, an M41A Pulse Rifle is considered standard issue for any person not having a speciality. Additionally, each person is issued with a combat knife, personal locator beacon, and a handheld welder and every officer receives a M4A3 Pistol.

Special weapons issued:

  1. Scout/Sniper:  M42A Sniper Rifle, M4A3 Pistol
  2. Smartgunner:  M56 Smartgun
  3. Incinerator:  M240 Flamethrower
  4. Aircraft and Armor personnel:  M4A3 Pistol

Each character is also issued six magazines (or equivalent) per weapon and, for personnel with a pulse rifle, eight M40 grenades.