Other grenade ammunition

M38 High Explosive Armor Piercing round
Capable of piercing 7cm of steel, the round bursts with a casualty radius of 5m. This round is marked with a green cap.

M51A Bounding Fragmentation round
When this round impacts, a small charge propels it 2 meters into the air where it explodes, creating an air burst for additional effect against personnel in the open or in foxholes without overhead cover. This round has a blue cap.

M108 Buckshot round
Essentially a large shotgun shell, this round has a range of 30m giving a Marine enhanced firepower for close quarters combat. This round has a flat, black nose cap.

M60 White Phosphorous round
This incendiary round contains a small amount of white phosphorous which spreads up to 15m on impact, creating a large smoke screen with secondary burning effects to material, vegetation, and personnel.

M72A1 Starshell
Marked with an embossed “S” on top, the M72A1 is launched 200m into the air where it releases a flare on a parachute, which burns at 50,000 candelas for 45 seconds as it floats to the ground.