The weapons of the Colonial Marine Corps are designed to support the mission of small, autonomous infantry units capable of operating with or without support on a highly mobile battlefield.  To this end, the small arms of the rifle unit are designed for ease of use, durability under all conditions, lightweight, but powerful enough to sustain the unit until reinforcements arrive.

A rifle squad consists of four Marines divided into two fireteams:  the Rifle Team and the Gun Team.  The Rifle Team is comprised of two riflemen armed with pulse rifles.  The Gun Team consists of one rifleman with a pulse rifle and one gunner armed with a smart gun.

Two squads make up a section, which includes a section Sergeant and APC driver; in airborne drops, a dropship is also attached to the section.  Two sections, along with a Lieutenant, create a rifle platoon, consisting of 25 Marines with a dropship and APC, at least on paper.  Platoons also have one or two synthetic humans attached to perform support services such as technical advisor or backup driver.

Normal support weapons include eight flamethrowers, eight remote sentry guns, two plasma guns or RPG's, 18 SADAR AT missiles, and one mortar.  Sensor equipment capable of creating an overlapping screen of 1km is also assigned.