M5 Rocket Propelled Grenade


The M5 rocket propelled grenade launcher is a reloadable shoulder-fired weapon. The launching tube has a rear vent incorporating backblast diffusers, a trigger mechanism, and a 4x scope. Each 60mm, 2.2 kg round is a hypervelocity spin-stablised rocket with an impact-fused warhead. The grenade rounds are loaded separately into the tube like the 20th century bazooka. The rounds are accurate out to 400m with a maximum range of 2 km.

The warhead is a HEAT (high explosive anti-tank) style with an inverted copper cone surrounded by explosives; upon detonation, the copper cone is vaporized by the explosive creating a jet of molten metal that can burn through steel and concrete. Though not designed for use against heavier tanks, it's useful against light vehicles, bunkers, and buildings.